Recycle alloy and scrap metals in Orange County and Los Angeles 

Close by to our recycling center is the Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Honda Center, Disneyland, Downtown Disney, Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific and Knotts Berry Farm.

You will get top prices on scrap metal, we tailor our recycling services to meet the needs of all Commercial Contractors.


We can help you improve your bottom line by turning your scrap metal waste products into CASH. Our conveniently located recycling center in Anaheim California purchases all types of scrap metal Aluminum, Copper, Stainless steel, Brass, scrap Iron, Lead, Zinc and all industrial equipment. This allows you to rest assured that your non-ferrous metal is being handled out of the elements safe and secure, eliminating environmental concerns.


We only sell non-ferrous metals to preferred buying partners that share our mission. All of our non-ferrous metals processing methods are environmentally safe and follow all EPA and Accrediting environmental standards.


Scrap metal recycling is a process as well as being the basis for a powerful industry. Scrap metal recycling involves the recovery and processing of scrap metal from end-of-life products or structures, as well as from manufacturing scrap, so that it can be introduced as a raw material in the production of new goods. It can be recycled repeatedly with no degradation of its properties.